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General Information

Product Category Transmission Control Unit
Make Audi
OE Part Number 8E1 910 155 A
ProgRama Part Number 0155
Interchange Part Numbers 4B0910155, 4B0910155C,
4B0910155D, 4B0910155F,
4B0910155G, 4B0910155K,
4B0910155L, 4B0910155N,
4B0910155P, 4B0910155Q,
4B0910155S, 4B0910155T,
4B0910156B, 4B0910156F,
4B0910156G, 4B0910156H,
4B0910156J, 4B0910156l,
4B0910156M, 4B0910156N,
4B1910155A, 4B1910155B,
4B1910155F, 4B1910155G,
4B1910155K, 4B1910155L,
8E0910155, 8E0910155A,
8E0910155B, 8E0910155C,
8E0910155E, 8E0910155G,
8E0910155H, 8E0910155J,
8E0910155K, 8E0910156P,
8E1 910 155 A, 8E1910155A,
8E2910155G, 8E2910155K
Warranty 30 days
Weight 4.50
Remanufactured to OEM Specifications
Refurbished Auto Parts Refurbished Auto Parts
Audi Transmission Control Unit 8E1 910 155 A
Refurbished Auto Parts Refurbished Auto Parts
Refurbished Auto Parts Refurbished Auto Parts
List Price$497.78

Repair Price$229.00

Refurbished Auto Parts Refurbished Auto Parts

Detail Product Information

Compatible Car Models Additional Information

Audi A42005-2008
Audi A4 Avant2005-2008
Audi A4 Quattro2005-2008
Audi S4 Avant2005-2008

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