Watch Jeremy Clarkson pit 1908 V12 Brutus against BMW 1 Series M Coupe


The Brutus is a relic from another time. A time when men approached automobile racing with reckless abandon by cramming the largest, most powerful engine available onto a chassis supported by the world's skinniest tires. Suspension, brakes and cumbersome safety equipment were all scrapped for bullet-shaped bodywork and testicles the size of small planetary bodies. The Brutus boasts a 46-liter BMW V12 engine pulled from a post-World War II fighter plane and a chassis from a 1908 American LaFrance.

The engine alone weighs 1,124 pounds and puts out a potent 500 horsepower. Now Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has decided that the creation needs to tango with the latest BMW hot rod; the 1 Series M Coupe in his new DVD, Powered Up.

This is not your typical drag race. The Brutus is a chain-driven, fire-breathing hulk that's happier scaring school children than darting down the drag strip, while the 1 Series M Coupe is as civilized as a sports car gets. How does the competition shake out? Hit the jump to check it for yourself.