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Since 1992, ProgRama has been the industry leader in the manufacturing and re-manufacturing of European electronic control units for the automotive aftermarket.

ProgRama specializes in BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Porsche and Saab. The Research Department is continuously pursuing new products as well as increasing coverage for our existing lines.

ProgRama delivers to most existing warehouses in USA. Our confidence in our work is allowing us to offer an exceptional warranty.

In order to be able to remanufacture over 150 part numbers, we had to go through a lot of labor. First we had to reverse-engineer the schematics of all these units. Next we had to repair several sample units to establish a repair procedure, documented by ISO standards. In order to ship them to a customer with confidence, we must test every possible function of each control unit, which requires a highly technical and dedicated tester for each part number we offer. We have custom designed and built all of our testers, giving us a true knowledge and understanding of diagnostics of automotive control units.