Core Return Policy

Core Charge Definition

Most of the remanufactured parts come with an associated core charge or core deposit. The "core" is the part that is remanufactured and brought back to specifications.

When you buy a remanufactured part, you are expected to send your current defective part back to us as a "rebuildable core". When we receive your core, it will be inspected by our reman department to make sure the core is rebuildable. The core charge is refunded in full once it passes inspection.

The core should not have any damaged or broken components, i.e. broken LCD, broken frames, water damage, burnt PC board, damaged connector. If core is broken, a partial core refund will be issued. Amount issued is dependent on the salvage value of the unit.

Although our goal is to exchange your core for our remanufactured part, you can order a remanufactured part without having a core. We have an extensive core acquisition program which provides us with cores for remanufacturing so there is no waiting because we have product on the shelf ready to go.

Core Return Policy

Cores must be complete, fully assembled and in rebuildable condition in order to receive core credit. A box of parts does not constitute a rebuildable core.

Upon receipt, the Company will inspect the core and refund the core charge less whatever non-wear parts are broken, missing, or damaged. If the customer decides that rather ask the core back then it will be returned to the customer, freight collect and no core refund will be made.

Core returns are accepted within 12 months after purchase.

All cores must be returned in the original manufacturer's box.

Cores returned must be the same as the unit sold.

The customer is responsible for the return of the core. The cores should be packed carefully for return in order to protect the core from shipping damage. The Company is not responsible for shipping damage.

Rejected cores will be returned to the customer freight collect and no core refund will be given.

Write the return authorization number on the outside of your package and/or in the space provided on the PRP label, and include copies of both our return authorization form and your original invoice.

Frequent Damages / Possible Core Rejection Causes

- Broken plastic/ metal cover/ casing
- Water damage
- Part number miss match (core returned does not match part number originally purchased)
- Missing components
- Burnt PC board or PC board tampered
- Damaged/ missing connectors

Note: Some cores externally look good, only after disassembly can the core value be fully assessed.

1. Improper Packaging and Shipping of Cores

Mixed Cores Shown:

The proper packaging of cores is crucial.

Improper packing will lead to damaging good cores by the movement and friction during transit between warehouses.

Make sure you use proper filling material to protect your cores from bouncing.

2. Climate Control Units

Cores that are not rebuildable are typically rejected or re-quoted at salvage value.

These reasons include but are not limited to:

• Water damage

• Broken buttons

• Broken covers

• Front plate must be in good condition

• LCDs: broken, depixilated and cracked LCDs are not reusable as cores

• Connectors can not be broken

• Circuit boards (PCB): can not be burnt or damaged

• Knobs can not be missing

• Missing buttons will be considered as an incomplete unit

• Covers can not be broken

• Missing cover will be considered as an incomplete unit

3. ABS Modules and Air Mass Sensors

• No broken covers

• No broken or missing coils

• No damaged housing

• Filament must be intact

• No open covers

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