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    Warranty Services

Our commitment to quality

Most ProgRama products carry a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty. Warranties during the first year can be returned to your distributor or you may directly utilize our warranty service.

How to submit item for warranty

A dated proof of purchase.
Download and fill out the Warranty from: Warranty Form
(The Warranty Form requires Adobe PDF Reader which can be downloaded HERE.) Please note, the terminology NOT WORKING will increase time spent to assess your unit and may delay return.

Where possible, include the part number of the original unit and the problem(s) with the original unit.

Things to know about

You can refer to our Tech Tips area for useful information regarding troubleshooting you unit. However, here are a few general things to know about your item: Intermittent problems are often difficult to duplicate and diagnose. Intermittent problems are typically system related rather than component specific. Electronic units must be packed so as to prevent damages to the unit, especially units having sensitive areas such as LCDs.

LCDs are typically proprietary and are not warranted by ProgRama. As a policy, we do not ship broken or de-pixilated LCDs. Should you break your LCD, you should know this does not qualify as manufacturer's warranty.
Units damaged by water or fire are not covered by manufacturer's warranty.